Curt Johnson

Curt Johnson

Design & Sales
Sioux Falls and Harrisburg

Tell us about yourself & your business:

My primary role at Showplace is to help clients create a vision for their home projects, and then just as importantly, be their advocate in navigating the process to make their dream project come to life.

How long have you been in the industry?

I've been working at Showplace, as a sales designer, since November of 2004. I've owned and remodeled multiple real estate properties for myself since my first property purchase in 2002, so you could say I do what I love for a living.

What do you love about cabinetry design?

Cabinetry design is like piecing together a puzzle or making art, although with rules: The selection of materials, colors, and features are endless, but there are measurements, installation, and functional considerations to work within. I flourish in being creative and assisting clients to paint freely with the confidence of knowing they can trust me balancing it all, ensuring their end product is both beautiful and functional.

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